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InSite Technologies is a Complete Server, Computer & Network Support/Installation Provider.
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Computer Networking
In-Site has years of experience and a highly qualified team
of server & networking support consultants. You can rest assured that your
network will be configured for maximum performance, stability and security
Computer Network Security
Next to your staff, your company's servers, network & data is the most
important asset of your company. There are many layers of security
that should be implemented to protect this data, and In-Site Technologies
has the expertise, experience and reputation it takes to insure that it is done correctly.
Wireless Networking
In-Site understands the need for organizations to have the mobility
that wireless networking offers. We also understand that organizations
have a security concern over the data that travels over
this type of infrastructure. At In-Site we will not compromise your security.
Computer Network Consulting
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive plan that integrates
your servers, network and technology into your businesses, seamlessly and efficiently, to save you
money and give you a competitive advantage. Information technology doesn't
have to be "something you just do". Information technology can give you the
efficiency and flexibility to put you at the front of your market.
Server & Network Management
How much money are you spending on network & server management and maintenance?
Is it really cost effective for your business to support your internal IT infrastructure? At In-Site,
we realize that network maintenance is not a once a month task. It is a day to day
routine that requires an investment in time and a highly qualified technical staff. Our Server & Network Management
services are geared towards businesses that don’t have a lot of time on their hands to perform
network administration duties.
Managed IT Services
In-Site provides cost-effective, customized IT outsourcing solutions
to small and medium-sized businesses in South Florida.
Even if your business has a small IT staff and technology budget, your servers & network can still have
the same high availability and performance that once required a large internal support organization.
In-Site's 24x7 Network Support Services provide the services of South Floridas' most experienced
Microsoft certified consultants.
VOIP Phone Provider
WHY USE VOIP? The two primary reasons to use VoIP: Lower Costs – in general, phone service via VoIP costs significantly less than equivalent service from traditional sources. Increased Functionality – Incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VoIP phone wherever you connect with your network. Also, call center agents using VoIP phones can easily work from anywhere as long as they have a high speed Internet connection.